G.James hits Hino century

July 25, 2018 Joel Helmes

Reliability has been identified as the main reason why G.James keeps coming back to Hino. The Japanese truck manufacturer has just delivered its 100th vehicle to the leading glass and aluminium manufacturer. G.James has been […]

2018 Hino 300 616 Auto Tipper Video Review

July 25, 2018 Joel Helmes

Hino is making it easier for light-duty truck owners/drivers with a new automatic-transmission option. Not an Automated Manual, we’re talking a genuine six-speed auto transmission and that makes the little 300 Series a very easy […]

2018 Hino 300 616 Auto Tipper Review

July 24, 2018 Joel Helmes

There’s a new automatic transmission version of the Hino 300 Series available. That’s right, automatic transmission – not an automated manual and that’s a big step away from traditional light-duty truck configurations. For donkey’s years […]

Hino enjoying boom times in 2018

July 6, 2018 Joel Helmes

The boom times are continuing, and Hino is enjoying the fruits of the truck sales surge in 2018. But despite the overall sales numbers being on the rise, Hino believes their much-improved position this year […]

2018 Hino Poncho Bus Review

June 18, 2018 Joel Helmes

Brilliant is the word to use when talking the clever little Hino Poncho available now in Australia. For the uninitiated, back in the day buses used to almost exclusively share the same underpinnings as trucks. […]

Hino 300 Series 4×4 proving a hit

May 24, 2018 Joel Helmes

Australian light-duty truck buyers have responded positively to the introduction of the new 4×4 version of the Hino 300 Series. Reviewed by us here, Hino tell us the built for purpose offering is surpassing sales […]

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