Volkswagen team confident about new Crafter

July 20, 2018 Joel Helmes

Volkswagen Australia dealerships have welcomed the all-new Volkswagen Crafter. Boasting an additional 500kg maximum payload (now up to 5.5 tonnes) over the superseded model, Volkswagen believes the new Crafter will put some pressure on the […]

Midwest Foods kicking goals with Telematics

June 12, 2018 Joel Helmes

Technology is creating change in the road transport and logistics industry and operators, drivers, other road users and the end customer are all benefiting. Leading the change is telematics, technology that enables operators to monitor […]

Tips on securing truck finance

April 23, 2017 Joel Helmes

Some tips to help you get truck finance… It can be a real minefield trying to secure finance on a new truck, especially for owner-operators. If you do find a lender that is willing to […]

Tips to Avoid Truck Downtime

January 25, 2016 Joel Helmes

Isuzu shares some handy tips to avoid truck downtime. Isuzu Trucks Australia has provided us with a handy list of tips to help all truck owners and operators get more time on the road from […]

Tips to Protect Cargo from Theft

January 20, 2016 Joel Helmes

Cargo theft from trucks costs industry billions each year. Australian truck and truck fleet owners are being urged to follow some steps to help reduce cargo theft. Costing the global industry tens of billions of […]