Advertising is vital, but not all advertising is the same and when you invest your hard-earned dollars you need to get a return.

Whether looking to grow all-important brand awareness, or looking to directly equate your spend to an increase in sales, go with the media platforms that make it about you, not them.

We pride ourselves on building long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses in the road transport industry.

Your message can be heard on our weekly Heavy Vehicles Podcast and on radio stations across Australia with our syndicated radio segments.

While we also offer online marketing opportunities right here at, and can also provide you with featured posts and interviews too.

Why Use Radio Advertising?

  • Radio is the only true mobile medium. In the car, truck, at work, at play, radio is there.
  • Radio sells with intimacy.
  • Radio’s unique targeting ability saves you money.
  • With radio advertising you are front and centre in the listener’s attention span when your ad is on the air.
  • Radio is an active medium capable of stirring emotion, creating demand, and selling your product or service.

Why Use Podcast Advertising?

  • Podcast advertising also offers other advantages over radio including:
  • 52% of listeners catch up on podcasts in their vehicle.
  • The vast majority of podcast followers listen to EVERY episode published.
  • Around 60% of podcast listeners have made a purchase based on advertising heard in podcasts.
  • Podcast listeners are active and engaged.

Why Use Online Marketing?

  • It converts to leads. Studies have found customers are 70% more likely to buy your product if they have seen your advertising online.
  • It makes your brand familiar (lifting your all-important brand-awareness).
  • Banner advertising on popular websites draws attention and helps you stand out from your competition.

Remember – Mentions Drive Intentions.

Our Listener/Reader Numbers:

  • – 40,000 unique users per month.
  • Podcast – 1,000 plays/downloads per week.
  • Radio – Daily Segments (Mon-Fri) – 50,000 listeners per day.
  • Radio – Weekly Segment – 25,000 listeners.
  • Facebook – 4,500+ followers and engagement of (average) more than 10,000 people per week.

Our Online Focus/Target Audience:

  • Truck and bus enthusiasts
  • Fleet managers
  • Owners/operators
  • Road transport decision makers

Our Key Editorial Focus:

  • New Technology
  • Road Safety
  • Industry News/Affairs
  • Environment
  • Reliable and Accurate Vehicle Reviews
  • Driver Development

We are at the forefront of the issues that matter in the booming Australian Road Transport industry.

How Much Will It Cost To Advertise With Heavy Vehicles?

We have advertising packages that start from just $220 per week (including GST).

Remember, advertising is normally 100% tax deductible!

Feel free to send us a message and we can begin a conversation around getting the best possible outcomes for you.

Download our  Sales Kit – 2019 Heavy Vehicles Sales Kit.

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