It feels amazing when you get into the car during a hot sunny day and turn on your car’s AC, right?

The feeling you get after turning on the AC cannot be explained in the words. But have you ever thought about how the car air conditioning systems work?

The car air conditioning system is somehow similar to the normal air conditioning system we use in homes. We’ve collected detailed information about the functionality of Car Air conditioning systems. Hopefully, you’d be able to maintain your car’s air conditioning system in a better way after knowing these details.


Let’s talk about the components used in the Car Air conditioning system.


The compressor draws its power from the engine because it’s connected to the crankshaft via a drive belt. The compressor sends the refrigerant to the condenser when you turn the AC on.


The condenser cools down the high-temperature refrigerant that comes from the compressor. The condenser is the most important part of the modern automotive AC system.


The evaporator has some fins and tubes around it but it looks a bit similar to the radiator. The evaporator releases the heat from the air and delivers the cold and dry air through AC vents.


This component removes the moisture from the refrigerant to prepare it for the evaporator. If the moisture isn’t removed from the refrigerant, it will lead to mechanical damage.


The thermal expansion valve reduces the pressure from the high-pressure liquid refrigerant so it may not create any problem in the system.


Although it’s not a component of the entire system, it plays a vital role in running the air conditioning system smoothly. It brings cooling comfort to the passengers while throwing out the heat from the system.

THE PROCESS OF COOLING THE AIRHow do car air conditioning systems work?

The compressor turns the refrigerant into a liquid form and sends it to the condenser. The refrigerant comes in contact with the outer air and the heat moves into the air. The refrigerant then goes into the receiver where the heat is removed from it. Then it goes to the expansion valve where fluid pressure is reduced.

Finally, the cool air is transferred to the AC vents that are located on the dashboard and other parts of the vehicle. As a result, you get to enjoy a comfortable experience in your car even during a hot sunny day.

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