Fleets still sceptical about electric truck future

Diesel tipped to be fuel of choice for years to come

We might be seeing widespread investment in electric truck technology, however the response from fleet managers in the U.S. might dampen enthusiasm a little.

Fleet Advantage ran the study, they specialise in ancillary services for fleets such as business analytics and financing and found despite diesel costs still being a concern among fleet managers, electrification wasn’t as popular as you might expect.

In terms of electric or hydrogen fuel-cell trucks, only 4% of respondents said they are currently procuring these types of trucks.

53% said they neither see the value nor will they consider the technology for at least another 10 years.

Nearly a quarter of respondents (21%) also said they believe electric or hydrogen fuel-cell trucks will never be widely used for over-the-road operations.

Why don’t they believe in the non-diesel tech (at this stage)?

39.4% said they will not consider the technology because of limited fuelling or charging station infrastructure.

33.3% have concerns over the vehicle’s range or distance.

Check out more details from the study below:

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