Nikola Motors feeling confident about 2019

Hydrogen-electric Nikola trucks to hit the roads this year

nikola one truck

The founder and CEO of Nikola Motor Company is feeling confident about the businesses prospects in 2019.

Speaking to U.S. publication, Transport Topics, Trevor Milton says the coming year will be an important one in the Nikola story, mostly because it will be the year when we see Nikola prime movers in action.

The hydrogen-powered electric trucks will commence on-road/real-world testing later in the year and Mr Milton says that’s very exciting.

“We are just lucky that we started a long time ago so we are ahead of everyone.

“We developed our own fuel cell, our own batteries — they are more energy dense than any other battery on the market in the world.”

The manufacturer claims their battery has significantly more capacity than rivals with energy density claimed to be up to 70% higher than batteries being used by rivals in their electric trucks.

And the Nikola Motors trucks require hydrogen to keep that battery charged, the Nikola founder has promised 700 hydrogen fueling stations will be built in the U.S. over the next seven years.

“We focus mainly on dominating the hydrogen-production side, and the truck is a catalyst to drive the cost of the hydrogen down.

“Our hope is we can share stations with Daimler or others that are interested, like Hyundai.”

A day-cab version of the Nikola truck (a bonneted prime mover) for North America and a cab over version for Europe will make their debut at an event planned for April.

“That’s when the whole world gets to see the production truck, a beautiful, stunning truck,”

“So what we have done now is proven out that the truck works, the components function together, the aerodynamics of the truck work.

“The cab, the body, all that’s done.”

We’ll bring you more details as they come to hand.

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