Volvo Trucks invests in inductive charging tech

Truck manufacturer backs new high-power wireless charging tech

volvo group wireless tech

One of the biggest challenges facing electric vehicles, particularly trucks, is the problem of lumping around heavy batteries.

But what if we could supply the power to the electric vehicle on the go, rather than storing the energy in batteries?

We’ve seen pantograph style on-the-go charging for trucks in Europe, but that technology has some drawbacks, particularly around having high voltage wires strung up above the carriageway.

And with wires seemingly on the way out in spaces such as smartphone charging, is wireless on-the-go charging for electric vehicles a viable option?

Volvo Group, and specifically their venture capital subsidiary, Volvo Group Venture Capital, believe wireless charging tech is a feasible option, and they’ve put their money where their mouth is.

Volvo Group has announced an investment in U.S. based Momentum Dynamics, a company developing high power wireless charging technology for electric vehicles.

They say their tech allows for more efficient use of battery capacity, longer driving ranges and more uptime.

“Momentum Dynamics’ technology and competence within inductive bi-directional transmission of electrical energy and information safely through air, water and ice will fit the harsh conditions under which our customers operate,” – Per Adamsson, vice president at Volvo Group Venture Capital.

“High capacity charging up to 300kW for trucks, buses, construction equipment, industrial and marine applications will support the electrified transition.”

Momentum Dynamics is conducting pilot programs in Europe and North America with fleets and vehicle manufacturers of cars, buses, trucks and trains.

We’ll let you know more on the inductive charging tech as further info comes to hand and stay up to date with the latest on electric vehicle tech here.

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