Healthy wages on offer for bus drivers in Ireland

Dublin Bus ups the ante to attract drivers

dublin bus driver

There’s a shortage of professional heavy vehicle drivers in many parts of the world and that means operators are having to open the purse strings a little more to attract quality candidates.

We’ve seen in the U.S. that offering better pay and conditions is helping transport companies keep their drivers longer.

In Ireland, where the shortage of drivers is also being felt, a bus operator is upping its pay offer to potential bus drivers.

Dublin Bus is looking to hire additional professional bus drivers and is offering a pretty reasonable pay packet.

The Irish transport provider is offering a four-day week to prospective drivers with a starting wage of €632.05 ($1,011 AUD) per week.

Move up to a five-day week and you’ll be paid €859.62 ($1,374 AUD).

Are you on the look out for a job driving a bus or a truck? What’s your top priority when applying? Wage? Working conditions?

Let us know your thoughts on employment issues in the road transport industry in the comments section below.

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