Natural gas-powered Scania trucks for McDonalds Spain

Transporter HAVI and Scania deliver cleaner trucks for burger giants

havi transport mcdonalds

Fast food giants McDonalds are taking a closer look at their environmental impact with a view to significantly reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of this push the U.S. burger chain in Spain has asked its transporter to provide them with a cleaner alternative to diesel.

The answer, in this case at least, was to switch from diesel-powered trucks to natural gas-powered trucks.

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) is going to fuel a fleet of 14 new Scania trucks (as seen above) that are getting to work with HAVI transport in Spain.

The new Scania trucks, including 12 LNG-powered units and 2 CNG-powered prime movers, will deliver product to McDonald’s restaurants across Spain from their distribution centres in Madrid and Barcelona.

Scania telling us the trucks were designed to generate virtually zero air pollution and significantly reduce carbon emissions in cities.

They are also much quieter than conventional delivery vehicles.

“Innovation is absolutely critical to our sustainability journey and to use our scale for good. – John Alves, Managing Director of McDonald’s Spain.

“Our work with companies like HAVI and Scania takes a proactive approach to finding and implementing more sustainable supply chain solutions and contributes to our global supply chain and sustainability strategy.”

While Scania Iberia boss, Sebastián Figueroa, said he’s seeing an increase in transporters looking at the benefits of running trucks powered by natural-gas.

“This partnership is an example of how transport companies, logistic provider and trucks manufacturers can work together to lead the shift towards a sustainable transport system.

“It is encouraging to see more and more customers and customers’ customers demanding this type of solution.”

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