Truck drivers plagued by arm, neck injuries

New study looks at the common health complaints of drivers

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Driving a truck for a living can be rewarding (personally and financially), but it can also take a toll on your health.

A new study out of the U.S. has found the most common injuries and ailments that plague truck drivers.

The researchers from the University of Alabama determining nearly half of all musculoskeletal injuries reported by long-haul truck drivers are to their arms, backs or necks.

Nearly 1,300 drivers were surveyed at 32 truck stops across the U.S.

The results showed that 26.3% of the injuries reported by truck drivers were to their arms, while 21.1% were neck- or back-related.

The most common types of injuries were sprains and strains (60%) and fractures (11%).

Drivers most often were injured because of a fall (38.9%) or contact with an object or equipment (33.7%).

Of those injured, 53% required time away from work.

To be included, participants had to be working as a long-haul truck driver as his or her primary occupation during the past year and “taking at least one 10-hour rest period during each out-of-town delivery run.”

The findings come after it was recently revealed that long-haul truck drivers in the U.S. experience injuries and illnesses that involve days away from work at a rate more than double those of other hazardous professions, such as construction, farming, fishing and forestry.

The researchers said the study suggests the need for injury prevention and interventions and ways to improve recovery when injuries occur.

What do you think contributes to driver health issues? Is it truck design? Seat design? Lack of rest time? Loading/unloading techniques/requirements?

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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