Another big Iveco Stralis NP order

Bulgaria-based PIMK to switch entire fleet to CNG-powered trucks

iveco stralis np trucks PIMK Bulgaria

Iveco has been at the forefront in the development of Natural Gas-powered engines for trucks and buses and that investment is now starting to pay off.

The tech recently helped Iveco win major environmental awards (from both the truck and bus industry) and set a new World Record too!

And while we’re yet to see any real momentum away from diesel and towards CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)/LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) in Australia, in overseas markets operators are starting to see the benefits.

In Europe, more than 6,000 natural-gas powered Iveco buses are now in operation, while the Italian brand recently confirmed it had sold 50 new CNG-powered buses to an operator in Africa.

Now comes confirmation that a major transport operation in Bulgaria is onboard with the tech too.

PIMK Ltd. confirming it will replace all 1,400 of its diesel-powered trucks with natural gas-powered units.

And it looks like the CNG-powered Iveco Stralis NP (Natural Power) is their new truck of choice.

The operation has just taken delivery of 50 of the trucks, each fitted with a 400hp engine.

Why are they making the switch?

PIMK say natural gas is the only sustainable choice available today for long-haul road transport.

And the data seems to back that up.

Iveco tells us the Stralis NP generates 99% less particulate matter, 90% less NO2 and 95% less CO2 compared to equivalent diesel vehicles.

It’s also quieter – registering less than 71dB on the Piek Quiet Truck Test scale.

While Iveco are also still further developing natural gas engine technology – just last month they showed a prototype natural gas engine that requires neither diesel, nor AdBlue.

And though it seems there is some reluctance by Aussie operators to investigate the tech, Iveco seemingly looks determined to live up to their creed of being ‘Your Partner in Sustainable Transport’.

The local operation recently confirmed the new Aussie-built Stralis is Euro 6 rated, that’s despite the emissions standard not yet being mandated in our market.

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