Scania boss says safety starting to become a priority

Scania boss pleased to see safety entering equation

scania new-gen truck

Buy a new-generation Scania truck in 2019 and you’ll get all the safety gear available included.

And Scania Australia boss,Mikael Jansson says that puts the Swedish brand in a good position in the Aussie truck market.

Why? Because safety is starting to be a factor in the truck buying equation.

Speaking at an end of year get-together, attended by Heavy Vehicles, Mr Jansson said having trucks that feature driver assist and safety tech like Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Stability Control is proving an advantage.

“I’m very pleased that safety is very much on the agenda here in Australia, even more than in Europe I would say.

“That’s why we have, more or less, all our safety features standard for all applications, including the roll-over airbag protection system.”

Mr Jansson, who has headed up the local Scania team for the past 18 months, wasn’t so enthused about the Federal Governments delay in adopting emissions standards.

While many parts of the globe are moving towards standards such as Euro 6, here in Australia a decision around vehicle emissions standards doesn’t look to even be on the horizon.

And for truck manufacturers like Scania who have Euro 6 compliant models available, that’s disappointing.

“I have to say I’m a bit surprised to see Euro zero trucks running here,

“Scania is very much behind a shift to sustainable transport solutions, I must say it’s a pity that we have not yet had a decision around Euro 6 in this country.

“The main part of our volume for next year will be Euro 6, so we’re not waiting for legislation,”

“Whatever we can do we would like to push this in a more sustainable direction.”

The Scania Australia boss also spoke of his frustrations with supply constraints that look to have made a significant impact on the volume of sales that Scania could complete in the market this year.

Heading for around 950 sales in 2018, Mr Jansson said if it weren’t for delays in getting trucks into Australia the brand could have delivered around 1250 trucks this year.

But he said carry over orders into the new year will put the brand in a good place for a big 2019 result.

Finally, Scania also looks set to have some interesting new powertrain technologies on display at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show.

The Scania Australia Managing Director promising hybrids, ethanol powered vehicles and “a couple of other new concepts”.

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