UD Trucks unveil Level 4 Autonomous driving system

UD Trucks takes big step towards self-driving future

UD Trucks automated quon truck

Many truck manufacturers have made autonomous driving systems a high priority as the industry struggles with a widespread truck driver shortage.

One of the manufacturers making big strides in the field is the Volvo Group.

The Swedish brand has just unveiled a level 4 autonomous driving capability in a UD Trucks Quon in Japan.

It comes after a commitment made earlier in the year to an autonomous and electric future for the Japanese brand.

For the uninitiated, level 4 autonomy allows the truck to (theoretically) complete an entire journey without driver intervention, and even operate without a driver at all.

It is one step down from full automation though, only in the sense that the truck still retains traditional driver controls (i.e. steering wheel and pedals).

As the video below shows, UD Trucks demonstrated the automation capabilities of the truck on a course that simulated real world conditions such as what is found at a port, warehouse or construction site.

The tech uses GPS, radar, Lidar, onboard camera and software to help the truck complete “high-precision automation for starting, stopping, slaloming, U-turns and reverse driving.”

“Today’s demo is a major step toward practical application of this technology by 2020.” – UD Trucks Senior Vice President of Technology, Douglas Nakano.

“Based on the Quon, UD Trucks will continue to develop more advanced automation technology to address the needs of our customers everywhere.:”

Where to from here for the self-driving tech?

UD Trucks say they will continue trialling the system through until the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show “with a view toward daily operation by 2020”.

We’ll keep you updated as further details come to hand.

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