TruckSafe guide aims to help with new COR rules

Master Industry Code of Practice provided to members


The new chain of responsibility (COR) rules being introduced under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) could be a challenge for some operators to get their heads around.

Just recently we reported that a leading law firm was concerned that a large percentage of people working and operating businesses in the road transport industry could be unaware exactly what the changes mean for them.

And that leaves them open for potential penalties and legal action.

But for TruckSafe members a new Master Industry Code of Practice could be the tool that helps operators meet their obligations.

TruckSafe Chair Ferdie Kroon says its all about helping safeguard members against the changes.

“We need to make sure the trucking industry is ready. The new standards raise the bar of chain of responsibility compliance and the gap-analysis tool will help ensure existing and new members are covered.

“The tool has been specially developed to help our members transition their policies and procedures from the current to the new standards,”

The newly released master code outlines clear guidelines for operators to meet their responsibilities under the HVNL and the revised TruckSafe standards will be consistent with this.

“The gap-analysis tool will be sent to members in January 2019, ensuring members have plenty of time to make the necessary changes before the new standards are introduced in April at the ATA’s annual Trucking Australia conference,” Mr Kroon said.

“We will also roll out additional supportive tools in 2019 to make the transition as easy and hassle-free as possible.”

To get involved with TruckSafe and access the guide visit the TruckSafe website.

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