Electric bus proves its worth in UK

UK operator puts small Optare electric bus to work

optare solo ev bus

Earlier this week we covered the rolling out of new electric bus specific software with the developers talking of the unique requirements that need to be considered when switching over from diesel to electric buses.

In most cases it isn’t a case of the fleet manager just taking the diesel bus off the road and sending the electric-powered vehicle straight out onto the job in its place.

Issues like recharging times and how conditions such as passenger loads, weather and traffic conditions can affect the range provided by the electric bus batteries.

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That’s exactly why a trialling period is recommended before a bus officially gets to work.

In the UK, an operator has just completed a trial of a new 31-seat 9.2 metre Optare electric bus.

The Optare Solo EV (pictured above) boasts a range of 193km range and is now officially operating a route in and around the Kent town of Sevenoaks.

Operator Go-Coach tell us the bus has performed without a hitch during the trial runs.

And Austin Blackburn, Managing Director of Go-Coach, says the range capacity should be ideal for the route.

“This is emerging new energy technology that we need to embrace.

“I am pleased that we could secure the use of the bus and show the people of Sevenoaks what future bus travel has in store.”

And why run the electric bus on the route? A full electric charge of the bus has been found to cost Go-Coach around $17 AUD to operate the route all day.

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