RSRT on the agenda as NatRoad meets with ALP Senator

Will labor bring back the RSRT if elected?

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There’s a federal election looming and if you believe the polls Labor will be back in power in 2019.

But does that mean the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) will be back in action too?

Labor and the unions fought against the scrapping of the RSRT in 2016.

With a possible change at the top in Australia, Senior NatRoad leaders have sat down with the ALP’s Shadow Assistant Minister for Road Safety, Senator Glenn Searle.

NatRoad President Allan Thornley says the RSRT was one of several issues discussed.

“It’s critical that political parties of all colours support the toughening of chain of responsibility laws.

“We can never have another RSRT which was ill-conceived.

“Any future regulation in this space needs careful consideration to achieve bipartisan political and industry support.

“Senator Sterle was keen that the industry work with him and other members of the Australian Labor Party to change the face of our regulation.

While following the meeting, Senator Searle promised to be a champion for the transport industry.

“The RSRT as a model didn’t work. We won’t rush into a new model that doesn’t work.

“I’m going to bring in safe rates, I’m going to do this and I’m going to do it properly.”

The other issues that were discussed included the push to make 30-day payments a mandated minimum and introducing a trade recognised skill of heavy vehicle driving.

The Senator also heard NatRoads position on a plan to get more young people to join the industry and increase the industry’s diversity.

Are you concened the ALP will reintroduce the RSRT (or something similar)? Should we go back to the RSRT in your opinion? Will any of this effect your vote? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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