FPT Industrial show Cursor 13 NG EVO concept

Prototype natural gas engine unveiled in Italy

FPT Cursor 13 NG

Iveco models could soon have a full natural gas engine that requires neither diesel, nor AdBlue.

FPT Industrial, the powertrain division of Iveco parent, CNH Industrial, has just taken the covers off its new Cursor 13 NG EVO Prototype engine at an event in Turin.

The 500hp/2,200Nm engine runs purely on natural gas, requiring neither any diesel or Urea refill system (i.e. AdBlue).

Often, engines running on natural gas still require a small amount of diesel to help with combustion, but that isn’t the case here.

While that output is a full 40hp above the standard 460hp on offer in the already available (in Europe at least) Cursor 13 NG engine.

The concept has a specific cylinder head featuring a pent-roof combustion chamber with tumble intake ports, designed, according to FPT Industrial, for optimal positive-ignition combustion.

A three-way catalyst also features, meaning there isn’t a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) or Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems.

There is a fuel direct injection system and FPT Industrial tell us this delivers higher specific engine power output and better and more flexible control of fuel mixture.

“This results in an overall emission reduction during transient operations, contributing to better fuel economy.”

The Cursor 13 NG EVO also has a Variable Valve Timing system that uses cam-phaser technology to achieve the best possible fuel consumption.

Why use natural gas instead of diesel? Iveco say it is the most sustainable solution immediately viable and cost-effective.

“Gas engines have a competitive Total Cost of Ownership and low pump cost, while also delivering all the advantages of traditional thermal engines, including reliability.

“Natural Gas can also lead the industry to a green future, since methane can be generated as a renewable fuel by recycling organic waste, reducing CO2 emissions nearly to zero.”

At this stage there’s no word on the when the prototype might go into production.

We’ll keep you updated as further news regarding Iveco/FPT Industrial natural gas engines comes to hand.

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