NatRoad want more road safety research

Research a big step in goal of zero truck deaths by 2050

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There’s an ambitious goal of zero road fatalities by 2050 and the way we get there is with extra research into why road crashes keep happening.

That’s the opinion of industry body, NatRoad.

The calls come after new crash data showed a small drop in the number of truck driver fatalities involving articulated trucks (down 2.2%) and a slight increase in rigids (up 0.3%).

“We need to know a lot more about the causes of heavy vehicle fatal crashes and in particular why the rigid truck fatality rate is rising,” – NatRoad CEO Warren Clark

“A government agency should be given power to promptly and fully investigate serious truck accidents and to share the results and recommendations publicly so that all industry participants can take the appropriate action to reduce the road toll.

“That role should also encompass better research on trends and causal factors.”

Those calls are similar to those of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) with that body wanting the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) to be given responsibility of researching the cause of heavy vehicle crashes.

The NatRoad CEO adding that the target of zero harm from road trauma should be a goal we all strive for.

“Measures which will help the community achieve that goal must be introduced and they must be based on proper analysis and a deeper understanding of what is behind the trends the recent statistics highlight.”

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