Scania delivers first local XT mining trucks

Scania’s new-gen XT mining chassis gets to work

scania XT mining water tank truck

There’s a lot happening at Scania Australia at the moment, there’s a new bus, new coach, the trialling of a hybrid Scania bus, and the continued rollout of the new-generation truck range.

Now the first of the rugged new-gen XT trucks has landed and already two have been handed over to a customer.

Those trucks, the Scania NTG G 450 8×4 twin steer chassis (as seen above), have been fitted with 40,000-litre Shermac water cart bodies for the Western Australia-based operation.

Scania telling us the bodies are more than double the capacity of those fitted to traditional road-going trucks used on mine sites and are designed to replace mine-specific road train combinations.

Robert Taylor is the General Manager of Mining at Scania Australia, he tells us the historic first deliveries come after widespread local testing.

“Our customer has had experience operating a fleet of Scania trucks on-site as service vehicles, flatbeds and technical support vehicles for the past year, and they have performed well,”

“The trucks were in service 24-hours per day, 7-days per week and have been very reliable in service and the drivers enjoyed the comfortable and quiet Scania cab.”

Scania NTG XT Fast Facts:

  • Unique 150 mm protruding steel front bumper bar
  • Protective grilles for the LED headlights
  • Fold-down bumper-mounted step for safe access for windscreen cleaning
  • 40-tonne capacity tow point
  • Extra tough door mirror covers
  • Off-Road mode
  • Leaf spring suspension all-round
  • Electrically powered cab tilting mechanism
  • Driver and passenger side curtain airbags – standard

Carting up 66-tonne payloads in a rather unforgiving environment, Roger says the new trucks are going to work hard for the customer.

“The water carts work in an extremely harsh environment where there is a lot of dust and heat and so water cart availability is critical to the mine’s operations.

“Our client wanted a reliable, high-capacity vehicle that could be maintained easily and quickly and one that could do the job day-in, day-out.

“The new Scania XT range is designed for these conditions.”

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