Truck Training Simulator aims to attract new drivers

Training simulator creator says VR system a step forward

ATS VR truck driving simulator

There’s a new strategy in the wind to help attract potential employees into a career behind the wheel of a truck – training them on VR simulators.

VR, or virtual reality, technology is being developed in the U.S. by a business called Advanced Training Systems (ATS) that will allow potential truck operators to learn the ropes before they actually climb into a cab.

The ATS simulator features high-definition video screens, as well as all the normal controls found in a truck, including gear shifter, pedals and steering wheel.

Chief executive John Kearney is a truck training veteran, he says the simulator truly gives the “driver” all the feel and feedback they’d get in the real thing, but without any chance of a crash.

“You feel you’re sitting in a real truck,”

“It’s much better than just starting with a book. And beginning drivers often have incidents that cost a lot of money.

“For people just coming into the industry, particularly young people, they appreciate the experience right away.”

Check out more details on the simulator:

It works for airline pilots, is there a place for VR truck driver training in your opinion?

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