Telematics credited with drop in young driver deaths

UK data shows cars with telematics fitted are less likely to be in crashes

truck telematics system

Accidents will happen, true, but having drivers conscious that their driving is being watched seems to be helping save young lives in the UK.

UK road crash statistics released today show a 35% drop in deaths among novice drivers in the nation since 2011.

Corresponding with the significant drop was the introduction of telematics insurance – policies that are significantly cheaper for novice drivers but require the vehicle to have a trackable telematics system installed.

About 80% of young drivers in the UK have a telematics system installed in their vehicle today.

As a comparison, fatal crashes dipped just 16% across the regular driving population in that same time, while the total vehicle fleet increased by 10%.

Graham Gordon from telematics supplier, LexisNexis, says telematics is now a proven lifesaving technology.

“The analysis is exciting because it provides evidence that telematics has had a real impact on the safety of young drivers and the potential it therefore offers to improve road safety standards for all motorists.”

What are your experiences with telematics? Are you a fan? Have you seen safety and economic advantages from having a system installed in your fleet? Let us know your thoughts on telematics in the comments section below.

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