Can’t find truck drivers? Why not train people for the job?

U.S. trucking businesses tackling driver shortage with training

truck driver training

In Australia, as we know, people who want to be truck drivers pay their way through training and testing, then they go looking for a job.

And perhaps the cost, upwards of $1,500 to gain a HC license, prevents some people from following their dream.

But in the U.S., where the truck driver shortage has again been named the biggest issue facing the road transport industry, road freight businesses are taking matters into their hands.

Some are starting their own driver-training schools.

One of those businesses is Boyd Bros. Transportation.

Cutting the ribbon on the Boyd Driving Academy this week, reported on the new strategy to attract candidates into a driving career with the business.

They say those candidates will receive internet-based lessons to help them prepare to gain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) permit.

Once they get their permits the hands-on portion of the program begins with the students learning basic truck controls and how to navigate different road characteristics.

The instructors also take the novice drivers through things like pre/post-trip inspections, tyre chain installation and removal, and accident procedures.

While attending the school, candidates will also receive housing and meals.

In order to become a student driver with Boyd, applicants must be at least 22 years old, have a valid driver’s license, consistent employment history and clean driving record.

Students must also pass a drug screen and physical as well as pass an agility test.

Good idea? Should we be looking at doing similar in Australia? Do we need to rethink the heavy vehicle licensing system in Australia? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I don’t understand why this hasn’t been introduced already. It’s literally a ‘no-brainer’. The regulators of the industry have forced a massive gap between wanting to become a truck driver and to actually become one. Getting a heavy vehicle license is about 20% of what you need to know to become a truck driver.
    The rest is up to you to learn yourself before an employer would even consider giving you a start; and where are you supposed to get that training? I’m sure there a plenty of people that would sign up and pay for such training but it doesn’t even exist.

    • Well said Cal, we agree that we should always be looking at options to strengthen the industry and get better skilled drivers behind the wheel.

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