Euro 6 (equivalent) emissions from new Hino offering

Hino confirms more details on new 500 Series Standard Cab

hino 500 series standard cab euro 6

The drip-feed of info on the new Hino 500 Series Standard Cab continues with Hino confirming the new offering would boast exhaust emissions that would comply with the tough Euro 6 standard.

Just weeks out from the arrival of what is expected to be a very big seller in the Aussie medium-duty truck market, Hino say the keenly-anticipated new offering will comply with Japan’s strict exhaust emissions standard.

And that standard, known as pPNLT, is comparable to Euro 6.

Daniel Petrovski, Hino Australia’s Manager of Product Strategy, says that’s good news for operators and the environment.

“By complying with pPNLT early, our new product range is ahead of the game providing a significant advantage to our customers,”

“In Australia it is expected that Euro 6 or Japanese emissions standards will be two of the acceptable solutions,”

“With the all-new 500 Series Standard Cab, Hino Australia will comply with the expected new Australian emissions regulations, years ahead of their introduction.”

The new Hino offering will meet the emissions standards thanks to the fitment of an exhaust gas after-treatment unit (Selective Catalytic Reduction and Diesel Particulate Reduction).

Daniel telling us the truck uses a very small percentage of Adblue.

“We found that the Adblue tank requires refilling approximately one time for every three diesel tank refuels.

“When compared with our current Hino 500 Series Standard Cab model range, the all-new truck has improved performance, improved fuel efficiency, improved drivability, and the cleanest exhaust emissions of any Hino truck yet.”

Take a look at the new Hino here and check out the new truck’s interior here, we’ll have more details on the new Hino 500 Standard Cab as further info comes to hand.

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