New York to clamp down on defective garbage trucks

Big Apple wants refuse companies to clean up their act

new york garbage trucks

Twenty people have been killed in crashes involving garbage trucks in New York in the past two years and authorities believe the run-down condition of the fleet is at least partially to blame.

The trucks being targeted aren’t owned by the city, these are privately-owned garbage trucks that operate through Manhattan and further afield in areas like the Bronx.

A recent inspection program conducted by the NYPD found every private garbage truck had defects – including faulty brakes, leaky fuel lines or missing lights.

Police say they also witnessed the garbage trucks breaking road rules, including not stopping at red lights and even driving in the wrong direction.

“These collisions often involved trucks not yielding to pedestrians and bicyclists, travelling at excessive speeds, sometimes in the wrong directions and running red lights,” Chief of Department Terence Monahan.

“When you factor in faulty equipment such as worn out breaks, these 25 tonne trucks become death traps.”

And if the truck owners don’t fix their trucks and clean up their act? NYPD Chief of Transportation Thomas M. Chan promising they’ll be taken off the roads.

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