Bus Association boss says buses will fix Melbourne’s traffic woes

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If you’ve been to Melbourne recently, or you live there, you would have seen a huge increase in housing in the city’s outer suburbs.

More houses mean more people, and more traffic, and there are concerns that Melbourne’s transport infrastructure isn’t keeping pace with the expansion.

But Chris Lowe, executive director of Bus Association Victoria, says the state doesn’t need to spend a fortune on tunnels and train lines to help people get around.

He’s told The Age newspaper that the answer is high-capacity bus services and that could be great news for bus manufacturers.

“Focusing on improving and expanding bus services can address the problem in months and years, not decades.

“The forthcoming state election provides us with an opportunity to require political parties to pledge to improve buses.

The outer suburbs need a “turn up and go” local bus network.

“This means increasing the frequency of local bus services to every 15 minutes on weekdays, and expanding operating hours so services run from 5.30am to 10.30pm ― the same as in inner and middle Melbourne.

And he says in the article that the high-capacity buses, or SmartBuses’ will be able to link employment areas and activity centres and reduce transport disadvantage and congestion.

“We also need to give on-road priority to buses along transport corridors to improve the reliability and punctuality of bus services and to reduce congestion.

“We also need to deploy Wi-Fi on buses and coaches to improve the customer experience and increase the productivity of the journey; being able to work or study and travel at the same time isn’t an unreasonable expectation.”

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