Bus manufacturer prepares to drop traditional mirrors

Alexander-Dennis adopts new high-tech camera system

alexander-dennis smart vision camera

Could it be that the days of the traditional side/rear-view mirrors on trucks and buses are numbered?

It looks likely that camera systems will be the norm in coming years with a number of manufacturers moving towards the more high-tech solution.

Daimler Trucks will be offering a camera system as standard on the new Mercedes-Benz Actros and Scania has been pushing ahead with digital mirror tech too.

Now the change-over looks to be gathering pace in the bus industry too.

bus rear view camera techScottish bus maker Alexander-Dennis Ltd (ADL) is introducing the option of a rear-view camera system on some of its models.

Available now on the Enviro series of single and double-decker buses, the camera system is supplied by SmartVision.

They tell us the system helps improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents, particularly for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, who may unwittingly be in the driver’s blind spot.

The view from the SmartVision cameras is digitally processed to compensate for lighting, shadows or glare while it is transmitted to the displays, which are mounted inside the cab to eliminate reflections from windows.

The system offers the driver a normal mirror view at the top of the monitor and a wide angle view in the lower half.

Screen brightness adjusts automatically to give the best visibility day and night.

The offside display is mounted on the A pillar, with the nearside display located centrally to avoid obstruction by an open door.

And they say there aren’t just safety advantages – the removal of the traditional mirrors is said to assist the buses aerodynamics and help deliver fuel savings, especially in buses traveling regularly at high speeds.

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