Jenkins Fisheries think Isuzu is Catch of the Day

Happy customer sings N-Series praises

jenkins and sons isuzu n-series

We recently got along to Melbourne for a test drive of the updated Isuzu N-Series and came away generally very impressed with the top-selling brand’s light-duty truck.

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And we aren’t the only ones who think the Isuzu N-Series is an impressive vehicle – Jenkins Fisheries tell us they’re delighted with their NNR 45-150.

The family business has been in the seafood market for five-generations and operates out of Port Welshpool, near Wilsons Promontory in Victoria.

They also have their own retail seafood store in Portarlington.

Owner Peter Jenkins (pictured above) telling us the reliable little Isuzu happily hauls the precious cargo, up to 100 boxes of seafood, with ease.

“I can’t be without it. It’s a major part of the business and it’s never cost us a single day’s work—I’m rapt with it, it’s terrific.”

And Peter says the Isuzu’s car-like maneuverability makes it easy to navigate challenging roads like city streets.

“The turning circle is incredible; the truck is powerful and climbs up hills with no problem, you don’t even have to think about it.

“It could be blowing a gale, raining heavily—the business doesn’t stop. If our produce is needed somewhere, we need to get it there,”

“And in terms of comfort, the truck is just terrific.”

And the Isuzu truck isn’t just earning its keep as a load-hauler, Peter has found a second use for the vehicle – as a spare cool room in summer.

“Any place that provides regular 240-volt power, we can just plug it in and have the cool room running if we need extra storage to keep our produce nice and cold.”

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