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Expansion in operations for Uber in North America

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Is there interest in Uber Freight in Australia? You bet there is! Our most popular truck news story of all-time relates to the still-to-land locally operation.

Now Uber Freight has taken its service offerings to a new level with a new trailer pool concept called ‘Powerloop’.

A separate business to Uber Freight, but owned by the tech-driven group, Powerloop will rent trailers to eligible Uber Freight motor carriers and “in doing so, enable them to participate in an innovative new trailer pool model.”

Max Pike, Uber Freight’s program manager of strategic projects, says it’s all about making sure carriers are always making money.

“Eligible carriers leveraging the Powerloop program are able to find backhauls more frequently and spend more of their day moving through the network instead of constantly searching for the next load,”

While he says for shippers they will be “able to take advantage of the ecosystem of readily available Uber Freight carriers, made even more agile by the Powerloop trailer pool.

“This helps them streamline facility operations by loading and unloading trailers when most convenient.

“It’s a win-win and a big step forward for the industry.”

Truckinginfo.com reports that over time, Powerloop plans to scale the program and help create a single, interconnected trailer-pool system.

Mr Pike saying this will see “shippers of all sizes drop operations on and off when they need to, and any eligible carrier can move a trailer, anywhere in the country.”

“We’re excited by the promise of Powerloop and the far-reaching benefits of making power-only loads more accessible to carriers.”

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