What’s slowing the take-up of electric delivery vehicles?

Study looks at the hurdles facing electric delivery vehicles

electric vehicle charging

The technology seems to be up to the job and the application, inner-city deliveries, is said to be perfect for electric vans and light-duty trucks.

But why aren’t more businesses, especially the parcel delivery fleets, investing in battery-powered vehicles?

Sure, we don’t have a lot of electric commercial vehicle choices in Australia at the moment, although I did see some options available from SEA Electric last week (check out our electric Iveco ACCO truck review).

In Europe and the U.S. there’s widespread availability of electric vans and trucks from the major brands, yet the take-up is probably not keeping up with expectations.

A new study undertaken by parcel delivery giants, UPS, and, GreenBiz, has looked to find out why more electric delivery vehicles aren’t being put to work.

The report finding there are three major barriers to larger fleets making the switch:

  • Higher initial purchase price (top issue affecting 55% of respondents).
  • Onsite charging issues.
  • Not having facilities that are set-up to cater for commercial vehicle charging.

Scott Phillippi, UPS senior director of automotive maintenance and engineering, telling truckinginfo.com that he believes these issues really shouldn’t be deal-breakers.

“The challenges of cost and infrastructure requirements can be daunting, but we’ve begun to see solutions emerge,”

“The business case, combined with growing preference for EVs from cities and national governments, will help us to reach a tipping point to large-scale EV fleet adoption.”

Conversely, the study did find some reasons why the fleets are excited about EV tech.

These included:

  • To meet sustainability and environmental goals.
  • Possible lower total cost of ownership.
  • Potential for less maintenance and reduced maintenance costs.

Would you be interested in looking at electric-drive options for your delivery vehicles? What’s stopping you from making the switch? Lack of available models? Concerns about range and durability?

Let us know your thoughts on electric vans and trucks in the Comments section below.

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