Report says almost all transport workers fatigued

National Safety Council says shift work a major cause of fatigue

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A U.S. study has found just how prevalent fatigue is in the road transport industry.

The non-profit National Safety Council in the U.S. found 69% of employees – many of whom work in safety-critical industries – are tired at work.

But the road transport industry is above that average.

The report, Fatigue in Safety-Critical Industries: Impact, Risks and Recommendations, found 97% of employers in the transportation industry feel the impact of fatigue (90% being the average across the different industries).

The employers reported observing safety incidents involving tired employees and declines in productivity.

However, across the board, just 72% of workers view being tired as a safety issue.

While transportation industry employees who reported at least one risk factor for fatigue cited long shifts (42%) and sleep loss (48%).

Covering the construction, manufacturing, transportation and utilities sectors, the National Safety Council’s Emily Whitcomb says all these industries commonly use shift work, and this commonly leads to fatigue.

“We’ve been looking at the impact of fatigue in the workplace for a long time, but it is troubling to see just how affected our safety-sensitive industries are,”

“When you’re tired, you can be deadly, and these industries are already at higher risk because of their safety sensitive jobs.

“We urge employers to address fatigue risk in their workplace, so all employees can be healthy and safe.”

Do you agree that fatigue is a safety issue? How do you battle fatigue at work? Is it shift work that takes a toll on you? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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