Electric Yutong buses get to work in Macau

Chinese bus manufacturer sees big opportunities in Macau

yutong electric buses macau china

The future of inner-city buses is undoubtedly electric, and it appears the Chinese are leading the way.

Chinese cities, particularly Beijing, are making the switch away from diesel and now the trend is flowing through to Macau too.

Known as the “Las Vegas of the East”, Melco Resorts and Entertainment has just taken delivery of twenty new fully-electric buses from Chinese manufacturer, Yutong Bus Co.

The buses include eighteen 11 metre coaches and two 10 metre city buses that will be used for picking up tourists in Macau.

The 10m city bus comes with Yutong’s “BusEYE Pro” driver assistance system that includes forward collision warning, pedestrian collision warning, headway measurement warning and lane departure warning.

And the buses have been designed to deal with Macau’s famous turbulent weather.

The 11m buses are reportedly impervious to water for 24 hours, even when submerged, Yutong saying this makes it perfect for the rainy and stormy days that are typical in Macau.

While the cities humid weather, which could make a big impact on the effectiveness of the electric bus batteries, has also been taken into account in the design of the vehicles.

“We try to solve those problems and more when designing for the market.” – Jin Yong, General Manager of Asian Division of Yutong Bus.

“In addition, we have four service stations in Macau that can cover almost every Yutong electric bus in operation.”

Yutong Bus is also providing training to the Melco Resorts staff/drivers on how best to operate the electric buses.

How many electric buses has Yutong supplied to customers across the globe? They say they’re fast approaching 90,000 new energy bus sales.

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