NatRoad calls for change to two-up fatigue law

But State and territory governments block changes

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NatRoad say they’re disappointed proposed changes to two-up fatigue laws were shot down by the State and Territory Governments.

The National Transport Commission (NTC) recommended a change to the current law around transitioning from a two-up arrangement back to solo driving that would allow drivers transitioning to solo to take their 7-hour rest break in an approved sleeper berth of a moving vehicle.

The current law sees drivers operating under a two-up arrangement being unable to transition to solo driving unless they are fully compliant with solo work and rest hours or complete a reset rest break of 48 hours plus two consecutive night breaks.

NatRoad CEO Warren Clark says the change would have made sense.

“We strongly supported the NTC’s proposed amendments to Fatigue Management Regulation.

“The current law is illogical and should be changed as soon as possible.

“This position is supported by the NTC’s investigation of the issue, where the NTC concluded that the proposed change would assist two-up driving arrangements without creating additional safety risks.

“NatRoad has been told that jurisdictions did not agree with the NTC position. We are urgently seeking reasons for this poor and reckless stance.

“The jurisdictions are saying that changes to the not-fit-for-purpose fatigue management provisions in the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and regulations should be dealt with as a part of the HVNL review.

“But if the governments will not support sensible changes to address an obvious gap in the fatigue rules, how on earth are they going to agree to the wholesale changes we urgently need to improve the management of fatigue?

“We are clearly very disappointed with this decision.”

We’ll keep you updated as any further info on this issue comes to hand.

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