Walmart splashes the cash to attract truck drivers

Walmart targets truck driver recruits with big referral scheme

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We might know Walmart for those crazy Walmart shopper photos that appear regularly on social media, however that doesn’t take away from the success of the retail chain.

There have long been rumours that it’s only a matter of time before we see Walmart in Australia too, though nothing yet has been confirmed.

Walmart, like most other major transport/retail chain operations in the U.S., is battling a severe shortage of truck drivers at the moment.

“To be candid, right now I could hire a few hundred drivers,” Tracy Rosser, Walmart’s senior vice president of transportation, told Bloomberg.

“It is getting tougher and tougher to find qualified drivers. It’s a really serious situation right now.”

But they believe some new strategies will help fill more driver seats in their 6,500-strong truck fleet.

The retailer has just announced a new $1,500 bonus for driver referrals (where a driver brings in another driver who then stays with the business for a certain amount of time).

There’s also a commitment to speed-up the onboarding process for new drivers.

But there isn’t any extra pay for Walmart’s 7,500 truck drivers.

Matthew Boyle from Bloomberg says Walmart is already paying drivers up to $86,000 annually and that’s a figure that has already risen significantly in recent years.

“Walmart has been raising their pay and their pay is already at the top of the scale.

“It’s not just about pay though, the most important thing for truckers is how much time they have at home, how regular is their schedule, and at Walmart a lot of the drivers I’ve talked to are on a five-two system.

“So, they’re out on the road five days but they know they are guaranteed two days at home.

“That’s what’s really more important for truckers is the quality of life, how much time I’m going to be with my kids.”

Walmart truck drivers on average cover 100,000 miles each year running between the retailers 4,700 outlets and local and national distribution centres.

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