Study confirms health risks for truck drivers

Australian study reveals how unhealthy Aussie truck drivers are

truck driver at wheel

A Monash University study has proven what me might have already known – driving a truck is not necessarily great for your health.

The study was undertaken in partnership with Linfox and the Transport Workers Union (TWU).

It looked at more than 120,000 insurance claims over a 12-year period and found truck drivers made more injury related claims than bus drivers, delivery drivers, car drivers, train drivers and other male-dominated occupations.

It was also found that truck drivers have a 13 times higher risk of dying at work than other Australians.

Musculoskeletal injury was the most common injury, accounting for about 60% of all workplace injury claims.

Study leader Professor Alex Collie saying driving a truck can take a toll on drivers.

“It has long working hours, lots of sitting, poor nutrition, social isolation, shift work, time pressure, low levels of job control, all in addition to the risk of road crashes.”

How do we help truck drivers stay healthy? Study co-author Dr Ross Iles says truck drivers might hold the key to that.

“We want to find out from drivers themselves how best to tackle to the health problems they face, and then to work with industry to develop programs to improve health.”

Your thoughts on this one? Is it possible to be a healthy truck driver? What are the biggest factors preventing you from being healthier? Time on the road? Conditions? Food? Who’s to blame?

Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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  1. Hello, I’m a student at USC and was wondering if you had a link to the study on health risks for truck drivers by Prof Collie and Dr Iles? I’m doing a case study on the health of truck drivers and this Monash study is very interesting to me.

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