Truck industry urged to target veterans for driver jobs

Driver shortage could provide great opportunity for ex-servicemen and women

army truck driver

There’s been plenty of ex-servicemen and women continue their careers in the Australian road transport industry over the years.

But is the industry here, and in places like the U.S. and U.K. doing enough to attract veterans?

With the ongoing truck driver shortage in most developed nations, recruiters are being urged to think outside the square when it comes to finding quality candidates.

And with the services being a proven training ground for heavy vehicle driver training, perhaps this is one area where more candidates could be found.

In the U.S. a new study has found efforts there to attract more military veterans has so far brought only mixed results.

The survey was undertaken by Driver iQ and found compared to five years ago, the number of veterans hired at some fleets had risen.

Yet a significant percentage of fleets reported not targeting these groups at all.

“Over the last five years, recruiters and consultants have long recognized that the industry needs to find a larger pool for recruiting drivers.” – Land Batts from Driver iQ

“Our survey attempted to measure how successful the industry has been and what programs have worked the best.”

Driver iQ Study Main Findings:

  • 20% of the fleets that had a program reported successfully adding ex-service employees
  • 20% of the fleets were unsure if their programs worked at all
  • 25% of the fleets indicated there had been no change in the number of veterans
  • 38% indicated lacking programs to recruit veterans altogether

As a group, women fared better in the survey, with 45% of respondents indicating that the number of female drivers had increased over five years.

Do ex-servicemen and women make great truck drivers? What are your experiences hiring people from these backgrounds?

Or, are you a retired armed services employee now working in the road transport industry? What are your experiences working in the industry?

Do you have any tips for the more effective recruitment of ex-armed forces members? And does the job (truck driving) suit someone who has previously been in the armed forces?

Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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