Report reveals why truck drivers quit new jobs

U.S. study looks at the causes of quick driver turnover

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When you start a new job the chances are you’re keen to be with the employer for a long period, but why do so many truck drivers leave their positions so soon?

That was a question that Stay Metrics tried to answer in a new survey of more than 62,000 U.S. truck drivers.

Interestingly, it looks like the phenomenon of drivers quitting within 90 days of starting with a company could be preventable.

About 70% of driver turnover in the U.S. occurs in the first 12 months of employment, however half of those drivers pull the pin within the first three months.

Why are they leaving so quickly? Stay Metrics found dissatisfaction with their recruiter was the top reason, followed by issues with their dispatcher.

The report speculates that because a recruiter is a driver’s first contact at a new job, in many ways they represent the whole company.

Some of the other key findings included:

  • Early leavers were evenly distributed among age groups
  • Early leavers were most likely to have a positive attitude toward the company
  • Drivers who had been in the industry for at least one year were more likely to be an early lever
  • In general, drivers with a negative view of their fleet are more likely to quit
  • Drivers who remain with a fleet for at least a year are less likely to leave
  • Drivers who stayed with a fleet for 5-7 years harboured the most negative attitudes toward an employer
  • Drivers who had been there 10-15 years, tended to be more passive or neutral
  • Drivers with more than 15 years at a fleet settled into a generally more positive view of their employer

Check out the full report here.

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