Hyliion expands with new Battery Division

Developments at hybrid electric truck tech company

hyliion freightliner cascadia

Hyliion might not yet be a name well known in Australia, however the business seems to be making some real inroads in the industry in North America.

The technology company markets hybrid electric technology that can be retrofitted to any Class 8 truck (heavy-duty in our language), including the new Freightliner Cascadia (as seen above).

The hybrid tech can also be fitted to trailers and primarily assists the diesel powertrain when the truck is moving uphill.

Hyliion promising operators who fit the system fuel savings of up to 30% and lower emissions too.

Now the U.S. based business has just announced an expansion in its operations with the acquisition of a new battery division.

Founder and CEO, Thomas Healy telling heavyvehicles.com.au that the strategic investment in the existing supplier will further strengthen the businesses operations.

“Batteries are a critical component of any hybrid vehicle.

“The acquisition provides us with control over the complete battery management supply chain from manufacturing and packaging to software development,”

“This is a huge strategic advantage for us.”

Other suppliers utilized by Hyliion include Toshiba and Dana.

And they won’t be keeping the batteries to themselves, in announcing the acquisition Hyliion said they’re happy to supply batteries to other companies to utilize in other applications.

While Mr Healy has again stressed the advantages of the Hyliion system over purchasing a new all-electric truck, offerings that are slowly starting to come online from other manufacturers.

“The path to fully electrified long-haul fleets has many challenges. Long haul semi-trucks average 600 miles a day. Electric semi-trucks, including Tesla’s, are restricted by 300 to 500 miles on a single charge,”

“Unless we re-grid the entire country to accommodate power consumption with grids as large as entire cities, a hybrid solution is the only answer that makes sense for long hauls.”

Check out more details on the Hyliion technology on their website.

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