Hino to roll out coach Emergency Stop System

New emergency stop system for Hino coaches unveiled

hino Emergency Driving Stop System

Hino will start introducing a new Emergency Stop System in some of its coaches sold in overseas markets this year.

Known as the Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS) it has been designed to help the driver, another crew member or potentially even a passenger bring the vehicle to stop should the driver become incapacitated by sudden illness or another cause.

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Being introduced first in Hino’s S’ELEGA large sightseeing coaches in coming months, the system is said to be a world first for commercial vehicles.

Hino tell us their customers have been asking for such a system to be made available and comes after a number of accidents in recent times involving buses with incapacitated drivers at the controls.

The system includes an emergency stop switch located at the driver’s seat, other switches can be placed in the main cabin above the passenger seats.

When pushed, the vehicle begins braking to gradually slow down until it comes to a stop.

During this process, an emergency buzzer sounds, red flashers flash to alert passengers inside the vehicle of the emergency.

The system also sounds the vehicle’s horn and flashes its brake lamps and hazard lamps to alert other road users of the problem.

Hino telling us they will continue to carry out ongoing functional developments on the EDSS and will continue to work towards enhancing safety function.

Emergency Driving Stop SystemNo word yet on the system being made in Australia, we will keep you updated though as any further details come to hand.

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