Daimler boss takes swipe at Tesla over electric trucks

Martin Daum says Daimler doesn’t need deposits to build electric trucks

martin daum daimler trucks

A senior Daimler Truck and Bus executive has taken a swipe at Tesla over the electric vehicle manufacturers ‘reservations’ system.

Tesla is asking potential purchasers of its electric-drive trucks to put down reservations when they place an order.

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Known as “customer reservations” the funds are then used to help the allegedly cash-strapped business to produce its products, including its all-electric prime-mover.

So far, around 450 reservations for the Tesla offering have been received, including from major transport players FedEX and UPS, as well as brewing giants, Anheuser-Busch.

Rivals Nikola Motor Company recent confirmed they would never take customer money before being able to deliver a vehicle in return.

Now, Martin Daum (pictured above), head of Daimler’s trucks and bus divisions, has made a similar commitment at the unveiling of a couple of new all-electric Freightliner models in the U.S.

Bloomberg has quoted Mr Daum as saying Daimler doesn’t need customer money up front to make something a reality.

“We don’t need the down payments to finance our investments,”

“We give (customers) prototypes. We don’t charge for that. It’s gaining knowledge on their side, as well as on our side.

“Then we sell the trucks and then we deliver the trucks. We don’t need any pre-orders.”

Daimler Trucks is one of the leading developers of electric trucks with models either being tested, or promised across its three truck brands – Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz and Fuso.

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