Big hybrid bus order placed in Canada

Nova Bus to supply 497 hybrid buses to Quebec

nova bus quebec

Nova Bus has won a five-year supply contract with a major transport provider in Quebec, Canada.

The Volvo-owned Canadian bus manufacturer produces diesel-powered, CNG-powered, hybrid and fully-electric metro buses for North American markets.

This new order though is the biggest received by Nova Bus yet.

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The order covers 497 LFS HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles), all will be delivered to Association du transport urbain du Québec (ATUQ) between 2020 and 2024.

The Nova Bus LFS HEV is a 40-foot bus that seats up to 41 people, it is powered by a 6.7 litre Cummins engine producing 280hp.

Mated to the diesel engine is an electric motor that does most of the work during low-speed driving, such as when the bus is in stop-start traffic conditions.

Nova tell us the hybrid set-up helps reduce fuel consumption by around 30%.

While the new buses are also promising a better ride for passengers and lower maintenance costs compared to the buses they will replace.

Martin Larose, Vice President and General Manager of Nova Bus, says the near 500 bus order is great news for the company.

“We are very happy to have been selected following a stringent procurement process.

“For over 20 years, we have created an ecosystem around our business, which enables us to proudly offer transit users high-quality, reliable, and durable buses, built and assembled entirely in Quebec.

“This is Quebec expertise serving the people of Quebec.”

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