Alibaba Group unveils driverless delivery vehicle

New self-driving delivery vehicle shown in Czech Republic

Alibaba Cainiao G Plus

The Chinese are excited about the possibility of autonomous commercial vehicles and now a major player has released details on a new unmanned logistics vehicle.

Developed by the Alibaba Group and Chinese autonomous vehicle tech developers, RoboSense, the unmanned logistics vehicle has been shown at the 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit in Prague.

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Known as the ‘G Plus’, the vehicle features a solid-state LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system that enables it to operate without any human intervention.

And they say the solid-state system is more reliable and cheaper to produce than existing multi-beam LiDAR systems.

The tech can reportedly see the direction of travel, shape, distance, azimuth, travel speed, and direction of travel of pedestrians and other vehicles.

They say this allows it to know the exact areas to drive, ensuring smooth flow of unmanned logistics vehicles in complex road environments.

Why did they develop the technology?

The group tell us they want to help businesses reduce the cost of running logistics cars/trucks.

The unveiling of the new autonomous driving technology comes just days after another Chinese player announced it was putting self-driving trucks to work.

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