Electric long-distance bus service to start this week

FlixBus to begin historic all-electric long-distance bus service

The days of long-distance bus travel being covered exclusively by diesel-powered vehicles looks to be at an end with a new all-electric bus line being launched in France this week.

Known as FlixBus, the ‘E-Bus’ service is being billed as the worlds first 100% Electric Long-Distance Bus Line.

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It will initially shift passengers between Paris city centre and Amiens in Northern France, 120 kilometres from the capital.

FlixBus tell us the round-trip connection will run once per day with the duration of each connection being 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The operation then plans to then expand to offer E-Bus services between Frankfurt and Mannheim in Germany around the middle of the year.

The German route will cover approximately 84 kilometres in each direction.

The electric-powered coach seats 49 passengers and will have free Wi-Fi and USB sockets for passengers.

FlixBus CEO André Schwämmlein says the E-Buses will save over 140 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

“With this inaugural route we have opened a new chapter in mobility – one that demonstrates the ability for long-distance travel to also be eco-friendly and accessible to anyone.”

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