Clean shield for front-load refuse trucks promised

New product promising to protect refuse truck cab shields

front-loader refuse truck

Front-loader refuse trucks are a great idea – you just drive straight up to the skip bin, slide the forks into the slots, lift over the cab and empty into the compactor.

But there is one drawback, as the bin travels over the cab and gets tipped over for emptying, any liquid in the bin will spray down and onto the cab shield.

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And that means all sorts of liquids, including chemicals, oils and spoiled food, can end up all over the shield, often stripping the paint straight off over time.

But an invention called ‘CleanShield’ promises to help solve the problem.

A multi-layered sandwich of unique films which adheres to the surface of front loader cab shields, the product promises a permanent, protective barrier between all the damaging corrosive agents and the cab windshield.

Check it out in this info video:

And more details are available on the CleanShield website.

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