Uber Freight offering big rewards to entice truck owners

Uber Freight Plus program launched in the U.S.

uber freight app

Uber Freight isn’t in Australia yet, but when the service does launch it could provide great opportunities for drivers, truck owners and small fleet owners.

In the U.S. the ride-hailing service so intent on getting into the road transport industry that they’re offering a whole array of perks for those who get on-board.

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Uber has just launched what it calls its Uber Freight Plus program and that brings discounts on the purchase of new or used International trucks, as well as operational costs such as parts, fuel and tyres.

Uber Freight users can save up to $16,000 USD ($20,600 AUD) on new International DuraStar, LT Series, RH Series, or LoneStar trucks, or a rebate of up to $4,000 ($5,100 AUD) on a used International truck.

Parts discounts of up to 50%, tyre discounts of 30% and fuel savings of 20c per gallon are also being put on the table.

“For trucking companies, the costs of running a business add up fast,” the company said in a blog post announcing Uber Freight Plus.

“From fuel, which can amount to 34% of trucking costs, to maintenance and tyres, which together eat another 10%, these significant costs are an endless challenge.

“While some larger companies can offset these expenses by negotiating bulk discounts, most have to pay full price to keep their trucks on the road.

“Uber Freight’s mission is to help trucking companies, big and small, run and grow their businesses.”

Uber is expected to add even more products and discounts to the program in coming months, we will keep you updated with further developments as info comes to hand.

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Would you consider signing up for Uber Freight? Is this part of your future business strategy? Let us know your thoughts, opinions and experiences in the comments section below.

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  1. I am looking forward for Uber Truck to come in Australia. I have 10 refrigerated trucks that works on n off. With the help from Uber. I am thinking to have them on road all the time.

  2. No i would not do uber freight in australia. Not when they cut my pay by nearl half on ubereats. I say they will do this on uber freight as well charging 35 percent to the restaurant and then 30 percent to the driver. Do not go anywhere near uber. I would say this what they will do with uber freight when it comes to australia. Charge the sender and the driver they same way they do on other forms of uber.

  3. Example like an open book what Uber has done to taxi drivers, they offered them huge perks to use their platform first then started charging them with huge commission fee knowing the drivers lost their bargaining power. The same thing will happen with Drivers, after success, Uber will ruin them and will take all big bucks in their own pocket. Stay away please

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