Scania launches new-gen truck range in Australia

Scania's new-gen trucks get ready to hit Aussie market

scania new-gen truck

The Scania team has been working towards this moment for a decade – the arrival of the new-generation Scania trucks.

And now it’s our chance to get a look at the comprehensive new truck range, first local customer deliveries will begin around the middle of the year.

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I got along to the Australian launch of the new Scania offerings and came away feeling, not surprisingly, that this was a product that has had a lot of thought put into it.

Some of the big talking points include fuel consumption gains of (on average) 5% for the straight-six powered variants, 10% for the V8s.

The front axle in the new trucks is located further forward and this has allowed the designers to shift the driver 65mm closer to the windscreen and 20mm further to the right (closer to the door).

Scania saying this not only improves visibility for the driver but also creates extra space behind the seats.

The new design has also enabled the positioning of the cab’s A-pillars to be shifted further rearward, and the dashboard is also lower than in the outgoing model.

While the S-Series variants now boast a fully flat floor.

And, lastly, perhaps the most important changes – the introduction of Autonomous Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control and Side-Curtain Airbags as standard.

Scania saying they’re confident in claiming the title of now having the safest truck available in Australia.

What drives the fuel efficiency gains?

Better aerodynamics, including smaller panel gaps, contribute about 2% savings to operator fuel bills.

While improvements to the Scania engines, including tweaks made to the heads, injectors and cooling system, bring the additional efficiency gains.

Scania telling us the fuel efficiencies have been seen already in Australia with more than 500,000km of local testing of the new-gen trucks already completed.

New-Gen Scania Truck Powertrain Options:

R-Series – all 16-litre V8

  • Euro 5 – 520hp/2700Nm
  • Euro 5 – 620hp/3000Nm
  • Euro 6 – 520hp/2700Nm
  • Euro 6 – 580hp/3000Nm
  • Euro 6 – 650hp/3300Nm
  • Euro 6 – 730hp/3500Nm

 G-Series – all 13-litre 6-cylinder

  • Euro 6 – 370hp/1900Nm
  • Euro 6 – 410hp/2150Nm
  • Euro 6 – 450hp/2350Nm
  • Euro 6 – 500hp/2550Nm
  • Euro 5 – 380hp/1975Nm
  • Euro 5 – 410hp/2150Nm
  • Euro 5 – 450hp/2350Nm
  • Euro 5 – 500hp/2550Nm

P-Series – 7.0 litre 6-Cylinder

  • Euro 6 – 220hp/1000Nm
  • Euro 6 – 250hp/1100Nm
  • Euro 6 – 280hp/1200Nm

P-Series – 9.0 litre 5-Cylinder

  • Euro 5/6 – 280hp/1400Nm
  • Euro 5/6 – 320hp/1600Nm
  • Euro 5/6 – 360hp/1700Nm

P-Series – 13.0 litre 6-Cylinder

  • Euro 5 – 380hp/1975Nm
  • Euro 5 – 410hp/2150Nm
  • Euro 5 – 450hp/2350Nm
  • Euro 6 – 370hp/1900Nm
  • Euro 6 – 410hp/2150Nm
  • Euro 6 – 450hp/2350Nm

For those looking to take their new Scania into the rough and tough world of construction/forestry etc. there is the new XT range.

Available across P, G and R cabs, and all engine options, the XT range boasts an array of beefed-up extras including front bumper, headlamp protection and even a dirt resistant interior!

While the big-selling CrewCab version returns with improved rear air-conditioning/heating and will again be aimed squarely at local fire-fighting applications.

Coming on the back of record sales in Australia last year, Scania’s local Managing Director, Mikael Jansson, told us the new trucks are ready to offer so much more.

“We have a product that has been tailor-made for a variety of applications, it is not only the safest truck available in Australia, it is also the most sustainable.”

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We get our first opportunity to drive the new-generation Scania trucks next month, stay tuned for reviews and stay up to date with all the latest Scania News at

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