Fuel use cut with aerodynamic splash guards

Decent fuel savings achieved with Eco Flaps aerodynamic splash guards

eco flaps

There’s a lot of thought constantly going into improving the aerodynamics of trucks, but most of the effort goes into the “leading edge” i.e. the cab face.

But improving the airflow down the sides can also make a big difference.

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Recently, Michelin launched a new truck aerodynamic kit in the U.S. that includes aerodynamic mud flaps.

And they aren’t the only ones that can see possible advantages in “slipstreamed” or more aerodynamic mud flaps/splash guards.

A U.S.-based business started by a professional truck driver, Eco Flaps, is marketing splash guards that they say not only work better than traditional plastic/rubber products, but also help you save fuel.

How much fuel? Well, Eco Flaps recently contracted Exa Corporation to complete fluid dynamics on its products and found potential fuel savings of up to 2.7%.

The tests were conducted on a day cab prime-mover with two 28-foot trailers connected by a dolly.

Bren Marshell, vice president of sales for Eco Flaps, says the results speak for themselves.

“The segment of the trucking industry that run with two or three trailers at a time, which includes most LTL carriers, is really limited when it comes to aerodynamic devices.

“Most are designed specifically for single-trailer application,”

“Our recent work with Exa Corporation shows that when Eco Flaps are installed in all flap positions on multiple trailers, drag is reduced significantly, resulting in greater fuel savings and quick ROI.”

The business says that in addition to fuel savings and reduced maintenance, the use of Eco Flaps greatly reduce splash and spray from inclement weather and increase safety on the road.

Check out more details on Eco Flaps on their website.

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