Historic platooning agreement signed by Scania

Scania and Ahola Transport sign platooning agreement

scania truck platooning

Platooning, the procedure where one truck leads the way with a string of semi-autonomous trucks behind follow along behind, is set to start on Nordic roads after the signing of a landmark agreement between Scania and Finnish company Ahola Transport.

The partnership is said to be the first customer agreement in Europe for semi-autonomous truck platooning on public roads.

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Ahola Transport Oyj will utilise Scania trucks and technology on Finnish motorways to test semi-autonomous platooning formations with three or more connected trucks.

During these tests, drivers will man all trucks.

However, the driver in the first truck will have control of the entire platoon and the following trucks are driven autonomously.

Scania say the trials in actual traffic situations and varying weather conditions are essential for building public acceptance and confidence in the technology.

What are the advantages of platooning?

Scania say the practise improves traffic flow, while the lower drag achieved through platooning reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Hans Ahola, CEO of Ahola Transport says platooning also brings advantages to drivers.

“For us it is important to enhance our drivers’ work situation with help of new technology.

“The planned solutions also help us to meet customer expectations for faster deliveries and environmental targets.

“Our association with Scania started with the first truck back in 1959 and we are pleased to extend cooperation to new solutions.”

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We will keep you updated in regards to progress of the trials and stay up to date with all the latest Scania News here at heavyvehicles.com.au.

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