ATA pays tribute to women in transport

International Women’s Day marked by ATA

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Today is International Women’s Day and the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) say that makes a great opportunity to pay tribute to the women who help keep the road transport industry going.

With a driver shortage and other openings across the industry looking for tuned-in and skilled workers, the ATA say women are increasingly encouraged to consider a career in the industry.

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The former ATA Chair Noelene Watson says the industry today has a large number of talented and ambitious women involved, but there’s always room for more.

“25 years ago, I was usually the only female in the room, and now I see very accomplished women with positive and constructive input into the direction our industry is heading.

“The road freight task is increasing, and women are a way to redress any shortages we have.

“The technology advances enhancing the ease of moving freight will inspire positive change and develop knowledge and skills in the workplace to welcome women.”

Meantime, the upcoming Trucking Australia event will also see the presentation of the National Trucking Industry Woman of the Year award.

Nominations for the award close on the 16th of March and can be submitted on the ATA website.

“These awards are a great opportunity to recognise the strong professional or personal contribution made by a woman within the Australian trucking industry.

“I would encourage people to acknowledge the hardworking women making a difference by nominating today.” Mrs Watson said.

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