U.S. transport businesses continue to lift driver pay rates

FFE Transportation Services announces record pay increases

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It’s a great time to be a truck driver in the U.S. and North America as transport companies offer up big dollars for skilled operators.

As we’ve covered previously, a truck driver drought is forcing transport businesses to look far and wide for possible candidates.

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The latest operator to up the stakes, and the pay rates, is Frozen Food Express, or FFE Transportation.

Operating from 13 sites across the U.S., the business has just confirmed the highest-ever pay increase in over 70 years for its company drivers.

Effective April 2nd, FFE will issue an across-the-board increase in its hourly, cents-per-mile and stop pay for all local, regional, and line-haul company drivers.

The changes see the business paying up to 52 cents per mile to experienced line-haul drivers (that equates to around 50 cents per kilometre AUD).

Check out FFEs new driver pay rates here.

“This is a significant pay increase that will put us in the top tier for driver pay,” said President and CEO Jim Richards.

“Our LTL business is very strong—the strongest I’ve seen in 30 years.

“We’re excited that we are able to continue investing in our people by offering great pay combined with generous home time.”

“As the largest refrigerated LTL carrier in the nation, we’re committed to providing our people with everything they need to be successful, from pay and equipment to being one of the safest fleets in the country.”

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Have you heard of any Australian transport businesses increasing their pay rates to keep or attract drivers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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