Bus drivers named Most Admired Road Users

UK study puts bus drivers on top, van drivers at the bottom

london bus driver

There’s plenty of love for the driving skills and professionalism of bus drivers in the UK with a new study placing them ahead of all other road users.

The study was commissioned by Continental Tyres and asked road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, to nominate who they considered to be the safest people on the roads.

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And it was bus drivers who topped the list, van drivers however finished last with car drivers and pedestrians naming them as the least considerate on the road while cyclists consider them to be both the least safe and most annoying.

Regarding truck drivers, the study found that of those surveyed 80% believe that training for all road users should include more focus on awareness and consideration for other types of road users.

Mobile phone use was another pet peeve with 74% of truck drivers, 60% of car drivers, 55% of pedestrians and 50% of cyclists all calling out people who are more concerned about their phone than their fellow road users.

Mark Griffiths is a safety expert at Continental Tyres, he says good road users are looking out for others.

“It is clear that poor communication is at the root of much of the animosity we see on the road.

“Failing to signal and using mobile phones while on the road makes journeys more difficult for everyone and breeds contempt when we should all be working together for a safer road network.”

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